Rawlins is home of the Mighty Rawlins Outlaws of Rawlins High School. Beyond a doubt, these Outlaws are the most feared hombres in the Wyoming Territory. They are wanted and hunted down in every town and County in the State, bounty hunters are gunning for them, trying to capture and lynch them. Feared for the excellence they display, the pride they display, the heart that they possess, not only on the field of athletic play, but in Scholastics as well, the Rawlins Outlaws are respected Statewide for their tenacity and competiveness.

Rawlins High School is one of my Alma Maters..*nostalgic tear*....I graduated from RHS in 1971. My son says that "This town was a football dynasty..back in the days I played"....heheheh..well..not quite, and I didnt even play football as I was too small, but we did manage to win a few for the old Gipper. While I was hallowing the Halls of RHS, I was a a wrestler. The school has changed alot since then, adding on a swimming pool, a Fine Arts Center, and even Tennis Courts and a brand new Football Stadium.

My mom and dad are also Alumni of RHS. While in High School, my dad played football for the Outlaws as a defensive right tackle, and an offensive gaurd. That was back in the days of leather helmets and no face masks... His team won the State Championship in 1939, and the team photo still graces the RHS trophy case.

While in the past few years, the Varsity football team has been dismal at best..*sigh*..one cannot take away the heart and spirit with which these kids play. The kids play their hearts out, and have lost some mighty close games...But take heart! The Mighty Outlaws came off their best season in a lonnnnng time this past year, and posted a winning season! Way to GO OUTLAWS!

The boys Varsity basketball team is a winner! State Champions in 1997-1998, they played the game of hoops with a fervor, exciting the crowds, and easily manhandling any team they faced. Due to graduation, the team is in a rebuilding phase...this year, the Mighty Outlaws have rebounded, and have posted wins over 4A schools, upsetting the #2 ranked team in 4A, the Rock Springs Tigers (meeeeeowwwwwww...here kitty kitty..hehehe), and the Plainsmen of Laramie High School. Looks like the Mighty Outlaws will again be a contender for the State Championship in 3A....you have been warned..hehehe...

Also performing well in the athletic departments are the Girls Swimming team...Threepeat State Champions, they are the pride of Rawlins! Go Outlaw girls! And, lest we forget, in the 1999 season, the Girls Volleyball team took State! Way to go Outlaw Girls!...The Wrestling team is a force to be reckoned with too, just what do they FEED those grapplers, anyways??..Pin 'em Outlaws!

Let us not neglect Scholastics and other activities. Rawlins High School has an excellent Music/Band Department! In recent years, they have taken First Place in the Nation at a band competition in California! (We're #1!!!)....have consistantly received Superior ratings in State Band Festivals, and all this in spite of a recent turnover of Band Teachers. The talented kids keep plugging away....and play with pride. The quality of the Symphonic Band, the Jazz band, and the Pep band is Superior indeed! Click the Audio File below and listen to the Outlaw Fight Song!

The Outlaw Fight Song

I will add more to this page as I get more information...pictures of the school, etc. Please come back often to visit... And......

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