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A View of Lake Marie at the base of Medicine Bow Peak in the Snowies

Howdy Partner! Welcome to my homepage on Wyoming: Carbon County Fact and Fiction. Wyoming is "Like No place on Earth", as the signs along the highways that enter the Cowboy State indicate. Her people are the finest you will meet anywhere, her mountains are some of the most beautiful in the world, and her deserts and prairies are unique in and of themselves. Wyoming is home to clean air, deep blue skies, ice cold, pure, clear Mountain water, rolling plains and rugged mountains. She is home for a multitude and variety of wildlife, including, but not limited to, mule deer, white tail deer, pronghorn antelope, elk, moose, bear, big horn sheep, coyote, prairie dogs, badger, prairie rattlesnakes (a.k.a. "Wyoming Buzz Worms"), sage chicken, golden eagles, and...lest we forget...the infamous "jack-a-lope"..a wily, shy, and elusive critter.Go to Carbon County Wildlife Page

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The focus of these pages are on Carbon County, Wyoming...located in the South Central part of the State; my home and native land. Carbon County, appropriately enough, is rich in deposits of coal, natural gas, crude oil, and and various minerals and ores. She is home to precious stones as well; jade, gold, and diamonds.

The Political Seat of the County Government is located in Rawlins, a "City" of some 9,300 kindly folk, located on Interstate 80 in the South Central part of the Cowboy State. Click to go to Rawlins: Home on the Range Other communities in Carbon County are: Saratoga, Encampment, Riverside, Centennial, Sinclair, Hanna, Elk Mountain, Baggs, Savery, Dixon, and Medicine Bow. I will try to accumulate as much information as possible on these communities, and add that here. Please come back often to check on the new information from time to time. These pages will present to you the Facts of Carbon County, along with the Fiction surrounding her. Carbon County is rich in History of the Old West, and the tales and lore of those times gone by will be available for your perusal here.

A View of the Snowy Range Highway (Wyo 130) in the Medicine Bow Mountains

The Snowy Range (Medicine Bow Mountains) are absolutely breathtaking and are a must see if you are traversing Carbon County! Medicine Bow Peak, shown in the photos above and below, is the highest point in the Snowies, reaching an elevation of over 9000 feet. John Denver said he "has seen it raining fire in the sky"...and..."wouldn't he be a poor man, if he never saw an eagle fly!"....He must have been talking about The Snowies when he wrote that song, for the sunsets are simply magnificent! Because of the elevation, it is safe to go one step further and say "I have seen in SNOWING fire in the sky..."....I have been fishing on Lake Marie and it's Sister lake just over the knoll in the top photo, Mirror lake, and have seen it snow in June, July, and August...virtually, every month of the year! Welcome to the High Country, Flatlander! This is no place for the Greenhorn or the cold blooded. It takes a stout hearted person to love and appreciate the Mountain Grandeur of the Snowy Range!

Another View of Lake Marie and Medicine Bow Peak in Springtime Glory
Below, is a photo of Medicine Bow Peak. Her top is crowned year round with a cap of white!

Medicne Bow Peak is pure granite. In the 1960's, an ill fated flight from Denver enroute to Salt Lake City, ran into some bad weather over Medicine Bow Peak and, flying too low, slammed into her sides, killing all those on board the aircraft. The oil marks from that plane can still be seen today near the top of the mountain.

A View of the Granite Face of Medicine Bow Peak

So, sit back, kick off your cowboy boots, pour yourself a cup of coffee, light the fire, kiss the wife and kids, and relax and enjoy your visit to "Wyoming: Carbon County Facts and Fiction"! Please sign my guestbook or feel free to contact me via email with any questions and/or comments at the email address below. Please visit ARTJOZ..The Wyoming Catholic Connection, my other Homepage! Great information on The Catholic Church in Wyoming!

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