'Cross Country Move

"The Long and Winding Road"
by the Beatles

On October 23, 1998, yours truly became engaged. Now mind you, when I decide to get hitched, I do it plum proper! Being a "modern man" of the age of technology and new fangled inventions like computers, I availed my country boy self to the tools of the times, and lo and behold, I met my Southern Belle, and now fiance, on the Internet, in a Catholic Chat Room.

She was, and is, currently residing right outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Now, if'n you know your geography, you know that that is a pretty far stretch from Wonderful Wyoming! You can read about the night I proposed to her in front of 25 other people here: "She said "Yes!!", the story of our engagement and betrothal. Please be sure to sign the Guest Book if you visit. You can also choose to visit some pages that I wrote for her, in celebration of my love for my Melissa here: "Agape's Wine, and go on further to explore our love for each other on my beloved betrothed's page here: "The Art of Romance". Please be sure to sign the Guest Books when you visit.

This Page is for my Betrothed. When she came out to Wyoming, she fell in love with it, and considers it "home". We are eagerly awaiting the day when Melissa can at last move "home". Hopefully, that will be by summers end this year (1999), and we will wed on October 23, 1999.... exactly one year from the day I proposed and she accepted.

I am no poet, but Melissa likes my writings...so this is for her. Enjoy, Melissa...I love you, with all my !!!

Tennessee to Wyoming

Art and Missy, December 1998

Soon, my love, you will be home;
Soon, you will gaze at the Mountains together with me.
On a cold winters night, snuggled close, safe and warm by the fire;
When I bring you home from Tennessee.

Yes, the road is long,
But, we have traversed many a Rocky Road already;
Uncharted and off the beaten path.
But, our journey is almost over;
Soon, you will be home,
And in my arms at last.
Together we will pause along a cool Mountain Stream and drink in Peace;
Of Agape's Wine we will taste
When I bring you home from Tennessee.

The Winds of Change
have touched our lives.
Things of old, though not cast aside,
Become less important with the passage of time.
We were not looking,
You and me,
But, God introduced us to each other,setting our hearts free;
To love, and to be loved total and complete.
Take my hand, my darling and walk with me that last mile;
As you come home from Tennessee.

The rest of our lives we have;
The rest of Eternity.
To love and be together,
You and me.
We have tasted of Agape, the wine so sweet.
And Forever..and a day will we continue to love...now..
And continuing when you come home from Tennessee.

Welcome to Wyoming!
Welcome home!
I have been waiting for you for so long..
My lifetime, it seems.
I love you Melissa!
Welcome home from Tennessee!

NOTE: Art and Melissa were wedded, and became man and wife on October 22, 1999!

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